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Peter Boiadzhieff is an American film maker and actor of Bulgarian origin. He was fascinated with movies at early age, because this was only way to escape from reality and used your imagination to create stories and characters. He was born on 1974 in the capital city Sofia in Bulgaria. Growing up in a small town Petrich by his grandparents. The town is border between Greece and Macedonia, a former SFR Yugoslavia, located in Eastern Europe. The town was place of the famous oracle 'Vanga' the famous 'Spartacus' who was fighting for freedom in early days. He created his first movie as a high school project.

Later he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, USA where he helped some of the film makers with their film projects. He joined local filming group Fork Shop where he able to work in different roles as camera operator, sound mixer, lights, even acting. He took the Jeff Justice Comedy Workshoppe three times and able to perform at The Punch Line Comedy club in Atlanta. He directed several short films and created several rafting videos. His short film The Secret Project 53 has been officially selected more than 15 times and won the award of the Best First Time Director in Hollywood Blood Horror Festival. Also, the series Braaking Newz has been nominated 5 times as semi-finalist in category best comedy and parody.

He worked with the greatest actors like Sonia Suarez Alonzo, Paul Black, Brittany Black, Ruby Singleton, and many others.

He continues to work on his coming projects in Atlanta Georgia and Ocoee Tennessee, like The Reporter from Ocoee with Love, I Love America Comedy, and Coffee with Kriss Boiadzhieff interviewing Stephen at the Fork Shop.

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